About Usalama Kanisani

Usalama Kanisani is a product built by Usalama Technology Limited, developed to assist places of worship to have premptive management of their worship session attendance by having their members book for the limited number of slots available in advance.


Usalama Kanisani has been used by many churches to ensure their members safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Churches and other places of worship have reduced their attendance per service to maintain social distance.


USSD Booking

Each Church and place of worship is assigned a unique USSD number through which their members can access the booking service.


Web based version

A web based version of the app is available as a plugin which places of worship can embedd on their website to allow for their members to access the service.


Android and IOS versions

We have Android and IOS plugins which can be embedded by churches on their official church applications


Online Administrator Portal

Each place of worship is provided with an online administrator portal to allow for them have the ability to manage their operations autonomously.

Current Features

Our platform is an attendance management platform for places of worship to enable them to enforce and effectively coordinate social distancing upon reopening and resumption of their activities. It works in a very simple way

Unique USSD code for each Place of Worship

Churches are registered and assigned a church code

Member Self Registration

All church members are registered to our database and assigned to their respective churches

Automated Notifications

Members receive notifications upon opening of the booking window (e.g. Church X has decided it opens its booking window on Thursday at 1.00 PM, all members are notified via text)

Available on all platforms

Members dial USSD code, log in online or on their android or IOS app

Precision Booking

Members receive the number of available services and the number of seats that are still vacant

Automated Seat Assignment

The number of seats is deducted after every booking and a service is marked as full once all its seats are booked

System Notifications for Enhanced Self Service

Member receives a successful booking SMS with a random unique code which they will use to access the service

Post COVID Posterity

New features everyday are coming on to our platform to ensure that places of worship continue to gain value from our product.



Weekly Bookings







Our Testimonials

More than 50 Churches are currently using the Usalama Kanisani platform


Usalama Kanisani has helped us resume our church operations in an organized manner without contravening the COVID-19 regulations set by our government for places of worship.

CITAM - Christ Is The Answer Ministries


Covid-19 has brought about a new normal in how things are done and places of worship have not been spared. We are glad that Usalama Kanisani has enabled us to improve how we do our coordination.

PCEA - Zimmerman Church

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